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Hi everyone!!!

A month ago I discovered the path to a new world that changed my perception of reality and made my days even more complete! I am new to watching anime and I have to walk long before I reach the top, and the path to it is dotted with countless Trials I have to go through. For me this new world is a great adventure and I am the main character in it!

                                                                   Hope find some new friends too!!!

About me-

- sOMethiNg LikE ArtISt

- Love The Music!

- For now i only wached MHA, still waching Haikyuu, and starting AOT.

- First anime ever D. Gray Man

KapaV3преди 2 месеца
Bratle ti o6te ima mle4ni zybi w ustawa a mi gowori6 za li4no menie

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Izvinqvam se, no moje li da mi kajesh za kakvo govorish?
преди 2 месеца

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