Im a protagonist in a wasteland and i just want to shoot shit.

Im a protagonist in a wasteland and i just want to shoot shit.

Just the story of a scavenger trying to keep himself alive.

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    Ah yes. What a fine day to jump off a high place. Currently i am standing on one of these big ass factory chimneys. You know. The ones that apparently were going to polute the world in the past. i mean this one was practically ruined so it couldn't fulfil its role of total polution. But it was still standing tall. It was like a giant diving board. Only that there was no water below me. Hmmm...? Why was i here you might ask. Do not ask! I am just a protagonist who is about to do some dumb but badass shit. You know the usual. So here i was standing loading my guns. i have two of those babies by the way. One is called Franciss and the other is Simona. Great names for two guns, i know. Well i am done now. I just gotta stretch. And so i did. And now....I jumped. What was bellow me was the base of the old factory. Apparently a meeting place for all kinds of criminals of the wastelands. Did i forget to mention that its the year 5043. Yep...I might tell you the story of the world later. But for now i just gotta fill some fools with lead. Wait...i missed my que. I was supposed to go trough the glass dome of the factory but it seems i jumped a bit to the side. Fuck. What do I do. WAIT! I have epic powers. Good thing i  have the ability to teleport otherwise this would be very bad. And in an instant i found myself surrounded by at least twenty raiders who were pointing their guns at me. I had teleported inside but what i was missing was the element of surprise. I rose my hands and smiled at them.

  -''Okay. No need to shoot. i might be someone who teleported in the middle of you...doing something, but i swear i was totally not going to fill you with lead. Hahahaha''- I laughed nervously. If i got shot it would be a really bad thing. Because i can die. And nobody wants to die! I had an idea. Yes this was great idea. I teleported behind one of the raiders and put my gun to his head.

-''ALL RIGHT LISTEN UP. If any of you make a move he gets it''- Yes. This was a great plan because it is a common knowledge that raiders value their frie-AAAAAAAA THEY STARTED SHOOTING. Good thing i have great reflexes and was able to hide behind a table. They aren't even ceasing. I will have to mass teleport and take them one by one. This will make me mad nauseous. But i had no other chance. So i started teleporting all over the place and shooting them. After a while i finally stopped. I wanted to puke but at least I wasnt gonna die. Great! Now to see what they had in here. I started searching trough the whole building. All i found were old rusted guns, scrap and money. A lot of money. HAH. Nice. Now i can buy beer for the whole month. I just took all the things and took my leave. They really didnt have any cars? No buggies? Now i have to walk. Well i cant do anything about it. And so i went off into the wasteland. Just living the Scavenger life. If they have more money than you-gun 'em down. If they are after your stuff-gun 'em down. Thats my motto.



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