Annihilation vs Heaven!

Annihilation vs Heaven!

A story about two best friends - Yoshitora whose dream is to be a main character of an Anime and Kaguzura whose dream is to be a main villain of an Anime. In the story are also included their friends who would be the supporting characters.

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"You will pay for that!!! I..."
His friends put their palms on his back.
"No... WE are gonna take you down!" Said he excited and pointed his thumb down.
"Interesting! I want to see you try!" Said the other guy with a psycho smile.
Both fighters jumped towards each other in the air and clashed fists.

7 years ago...

"If I was in an Anime I would be the main character!" Promised Yoshitora with a wide-open smile.
"Pfff! If you want to be the main character, you have to get stronger so that you could beat the main villain. In other words... ME!" Exclaimed Kaguzura excited.
"Hehe, let's check who's stronger!" Said Yoshitora and cracked his neck and knuckles.
Both jumped at each other to start a fight but were interrupted by their friends who were sitting next to them, and fell on the ground.
"What about us!? Did ya forget about us!?" Complained they.
"Ahh! That hurts!" Exclaimed Kaguzura holding his back.
"Oh well... You will be the supporting characters." Answered Yoshitora nervously, scratching his neck.
"WHAT!?" Exclaimed they in one voice.
The boys got up.
"Shall we continue?" Kaguzura challenged Yoshitora.
"Hehe, of course!" Accepted Yoshitora.
Both jumped in the sky towards each other and clashed elbows.
However, their fight wasn't from hatred. It was more like...




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